Friday, August 26, 2016


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 The Man in 
Henry James’ Clothes

One day, so it is said, 
Henry James ceased being 
the man in Henry James’ clothing.

Though it is true, 
he wore a suit to the grave,
this was all the wardrobe he was allotted.

For some greedy relative,
sensing the gold in his threads,
packed away the Victorian jackets,

elegantly striped pants, and dainty shoes.
Then along came a writer, a man 
who knew a good thing:

now he sits at a writing table 
once owned by Shaw,  
scratching away
with a quill, once wielded by Wilde, 
pocket watch inscribed “to Stephen Crane,
author of the Red Badge of Courage”.

Yes, each morning 
our well-dressed friend 
straightens his spine

with pianist perfection 
and begins to compose, 
the most awful poesy.

See You Tomorrow!