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Today's Featured Cartoon - THE 17th RADISH by DERRICK WOOD

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Today's Featured Cartoon - WINDOW KITTIES by ALAN GILBERT

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Today's Featured Cartoon - TWO BITS by WALT BERINGSON

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Greetings everyone and welcome to our Comx Box, Editorial Cartoons Special posting day.  Please find a mix of the new and recent in the following.  We are proud that our editorial cartoonists provide such a wide range of commentary and viewpoints.

Ron Warren's Red State Comics by Ron Warren

Blue Chair by Walt Beringson

Strange Days by B.F. Finster

Obama and the Fatman by Michael Moore

Tomversation by Tom Falco

Mid-Life w/ Alan by Alan Gilbert

The Insolent Lemon by Don Anderson

The NanoWorld Chronicles by TAME

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Today's Featured Cartoon - BLUE CHAIR by WALT BERINGSON

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If you think you are clever, here is something very humbling.

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Today's Featured Cartoon - MID-LIFE w/ALAN by ALAN GILBERT

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Today's Featured Cartoon - ONION & PEA by VILLENA & TOMASELLI

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Today's Featured Cartoon - BUZZA WUZZA by BUZZA WUZZA recommended by BUZZA WUZZA as seen at BUZZA WUZZA on the BUZZA WUZZA Network

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Today's Featured Cartoon - JACK ON RELIGION by LADY ANNE WEHRLEY

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Today's Featured Cartoon - THE VERNAL POOL by ALLEY AND TAYLOR

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Today's Featured Cartoon - ODDS & ENDS by DOUG SANDERS

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today's Special Feature --  STAR Q's by ALAN GILBERT

With his cover blown, Dr. Kimble kicks the 
kid in the shin and prepares to make his escape.
(By the way, that's a young Kurt Russel who
is suffering from the compound fracture.)
In 1963,  creator Roy Huggins upped the ante,  gave the TV viewing audience a man who had to remain on the move. 

As just about everybody knows,  Doctor Richard Kimble was convicted of killing his wife, escaped, and criss-crossed America searching for the one-armed man. 

From this moment on,  creating a "man on the move" series became challenging.  A couple of happy-go-lucky guys in a Corvette just wouldn't cut it: no innate drama, there. 

The genius of Kimble's situation being its simplicity.  Anybody could find himself/herself accused of a murder he/she hadn't committed.  Kimble was an everyman with a compelling reason for running.  To this day,  nobody has created a better man on the move than Doctor Richard Kimble.  

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Today's Featured Cartoon - NATURAL SELECTIONS by TAME

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Our 4th of July Specials
Ron Warren's Red State Comics by Ron Warren

Mr. Chrome Dome by Alan Gilbert