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Today's Featured Work - GIGGLES IN VERSE by Dave McHattie

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OK.  I know that I set up Comx Box to feature the artistic works of cartoonists; Their comics, artwork, videos, music, merchandise, blogs or any other type of work that they did to express their creativity.   Still, the main focus of Comx Box is to make the readers laugh -and occasionally, to think.

Today, I am going to break away today from the normal home page format and I am going to feature two videos from non-Comx Box contributors.  I am featuring them because they make me laugh.  Now be forewarned, if you don't watch Game of Thrones and you are not a Star Trek fan, you might as well stop now and go read a book. The videos are mildly graphic but like I just said, they make me laugh.  I hope they make you laugh.       --Tame



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Timothy Simpson and THE BOOBIEHATCH Strike Again

Saturday, June 27, 2015


THE BOOBIEHATCH by Timothy Simpson

Friday, June 26, 2015

PATRICK MACNEE 1922 - 2015
"Before the word "Avengers" signified a band of Marvel superheroes led by Captain America, it was synonymous with super secret agents Emma Peel & John Steed."

Sadly, the epitome of the dapper Old World Englishman died today at the age of 93.   
              --Alan Gilbert




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(My life in a nutshell.)
Have a super terrific weekend everyone! See you on Monday.

A Redneck Liberal and a Conservative Yank, Team Up 
To Bring You Today's Headline News
(From Ron Warren and and Tame)
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New Today From CANDACE 'n' COMPANY

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Look Who Stopped By To Say Hello...


Pam Huggins Rides Again!
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Launching Today!
by Jordan Smith


From Our Facebook Friend, Joseph Caratenuto
(Comx Box will be featuring some of Joe's work
over the month of June.  His portfolio can be found by clicking
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Always Seems to Happen
From Enrique Jimenez and KIT KARIDOO


Editorializing From THE ZOA ZONE by Zoa


ART BY OFSTIE by Hal Ofstie



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Launching Tomorrow and Posting Every Mon, Weds. and Fri...
by Jordan Smith


Here Are a Few For Fathers Day
From Paul White and WHITE OUTS


Salpino Shares Some Great Fathers Day 
Sentiment From AND NOW...

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Launching Monday
by Jordan Smith

Friday, June 19, 2015



Uh-Oh - Jack-the-Nipper Gets In a Bit of Trouble...
Courtesy of Lady Anne Wehrley

Poingnant Editorializing From Don Anderson

Thursday, June 18, 2015


 -Today's Featured Cartoon - PAMO's World by Pamo- 


circa ~ 2010
In May of 1993 I finally quit smoking cigarettes. I quit drinking alcohol in early 1994 and I can tell you- that process was far easier than quitting smoking. Nicotine gives the user a boost in mood, metabolism and energy. Since the smoke is ingested into your lungs, the nicotine is delivered immediately to your blood stream. Quitting entailed not only overcoming the physical addiction but also overcoming the emotional need for nicotine.
Spring of 1993, I was into my second major attempt at quitting. It was my fifteenth day without nicotine and the depression had hit. As I was walking to my car from my apartment, I looked up into the clear blue sky and felt the warm sun on my arms and thought I wanted to die. I didn’t make it to sixteen days nicotine free.
So here I was trying to stop smoking and failing miserably. Not only was I unable to kick cigarettes but I wasn’t able to reach a goal I had set for myself. I felt defeated and puzzled. I knew what I needed to do, what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do it.
Soon after that second failed attempt, I went to work one day and out of the blue started talking in the hallway of the hospital with another nurse I had just met. I spilled out, uncharacteristically for me, my latest failed attempt to stop smoking and how upset I was about the whole ordeal. And she gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since. She said that the most important thing was to keep trying.
Her non judgmental attitude impressed me and encouraged me to not give up. The next week I had an appointment with my dermatologist (for ongoing acne in my thirties  no less) and spoke with her about a prescription for nicorette gum. (This was before it was sold over the counter.) Despite my being there for a skin condition, my dermatologist gladly wrote me a nicorette gum prescription and encouraged me to continue trying to quit.
This sequence of events along with a month of nicorette gum use gave me the courage I needed to quit smoking, one day at at time, in May of 1993. For the next five years, I thought about smoking almost daily but never took one puff. I remain smoke free today and more importantly, I do not have the desire to smoke. I will admit that every now and then I see nicorette gum for sale at Walgreen’s and long to chew a piece. I say a little prayer and move on.
Those wonderful words, “keep trying”, changed my perspective about how to reach a goal. It’s only human to fall back into old habits, to tell ourselves we aren’t capable and to let our dreams fade because we are scared of the unknown.
I’m working steadily on some new comics and raising my fist high in the air while chanting, “Screw you fear! I’m still trying.”
Until next toon,
Just Some Bull From Facebook

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A Comx Box Sneak Preview...
Can You Guess Who's Launching Next Monday?


Here's Another Goody From Derrick Wood

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For Today's Featured Works
We "Beat the Bushes" With Walt Beringson and Wild Child Productions
Ron Warren From Ron Warren Photography