Friday, December 30, 2016


Comx Box Ends the Christmas Season With
 Part 15  of a Brand New 15-Part Special Holiday Feature
From the Gang at Green Pieces


Coming Soon From Phil Juliano...
Hi, Everyone. One of our Comx Box Cartoonists is asking for assistance in funding the publishing of his new book. Phil Juliano has been one of our best contributors to Comx Box and it is my hope that all of you will take a look at what he is offering and that you can assist a good guy with a good project.  -Tom
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Day 5 of Salpino's End of the Year Cartoon Retrospective



When you first realize       you’re shipwrecked
On the island       of old       your mouth drops
No        the dentures        don’t drop out
You       look at young women        differently       with
A kind of        pain       the young man        you were
Never would have                      understood.

When you first realize              you’re shipwrecked
On the island              of old              you curse the cashiers
Who still insist on carding you               when you buy beer
You             lust               like the grand canyon                emptily
w/ new and improved pain              the young man you were
              never                would               have understood.

When you first realize                     you’re shipwrecked
On the island                     of                     old you                     lie

To                     yourself  you                     aren’t your dad/uncle
Grampa                     all those old fogies you laughed at in school
Your lust becomes a joke                      to the cheerleaders/ha/ha/ha
w/  golden hair and under 21 elasticity                    “ thanx4thedrinx”

when you first realize                            the rocks have busted your hull
like an angry fist in a domestic dispute                            and that old
is on nobody’s                             map/you                            die
like a                              black widow’s husband                             and
as Kerouac said, “I wish I was free of that slaving meat wheel and
                           safe in heaven                            dead”                    and

when you first realize                                         you’re shipwrecked
you realize                                      doors have closed                             
but  people want that optimistic                                   birthday cake
the one w/ the playboy centerfold busting out                            but
how do you celebrate                                   stripes being
torn                                      from your shoulder? Love the island.

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