Thursday, March 31, 2016


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Deadpool by Widay Panca
Jakarta, Indonesia

Photo Courtesy of Jarrod Smith
"It's a bunch of aspen trees in my yard being lit up by the setting sun, but I thought it was pretty cool! It turned out pretty good with the dark contrasting background." 

"Abstract Colors"

How Big and How Far Away Is Betelgeuse
(Pretty Far and, It's BIG!)
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Keep In Mind That the Little Dot On the Left Represents 
Our Sun, and That 1,000,000 Planet Earths
Can Fit Within Our Sun.

Steady Watson...

One of most famous characters in all the world is undoubtedly Sherlock Holmes. The Guinness Book of World Records claims he had been in more films than any other fictional character.

Therefore,  we here at Star Q's present his first film appearance ever in that classic detective story "Sherlock Holmes Baffled."  According to such crime writing legends as Raymond Chandler and James Patterson, Baffled is a soufflĂ© of a film, a delicate, sophisticated mystery solved through the most brilliant deductive reasoning ever witnessed on the silver screen. 

And now,  we proudly present:


Okay, maybe not.  Sherlock Holmes Baffled was actually a little trick photo clip created for those little arcade peepshow machines they used at the turn of the century.  It really has very little to do with the master detective and would probably nauseate Arthur Conan Doyle.  Nonetheless, it's one of those interesting little obscurities we specialize in here at Star Q's and we thought perhaps it would bring a twinkle to your eye.  Or if you're a Sherlockophile, a tear.

OK.  It's Not Robotic But I Couldn't Pass Up Posting It.  -Tom

To the cartoonists out there, I find myself thinking about the person(s) who designed and drew this advertisement.  He-She-They actually took the time to come up with names like, "Atomic Beam Director", "Fission Rate Indicator" and "Neutron Blast Initiator."  THAT is pride in your art and attention to detail.  
 -Although it says "Absolutely Harmless" in the bottom right corner, that was for the benefit of wary parents.  We, as children, knew better.