Thursday, June 30, 2016

Part 2 of a 4-Part NanoWorld Chronicles Special
by Tom/TAME


-New From Phil Juliano-
Follow the story of Little Peej as he navigates through childhood...again!  With story arcs about friendship, super heroes, action figures and even zombies, this is BEST IN SHOW at it's finest.
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By Our Good Friend 
Angelika Winter
St. Petersburg, Russia

The Game is Afoot...

Just because a man is somewhat adept at violin, doesn't mean he can carry a tune.  Just because a man resembles Henry Higgins doesn't mean he should have a musical built around him, however in 1965,  good ol' Sherlock Holmes took to the musical stage in the production of Baker Street!  And if you dare to listen to "It's  So Simple," you will see it was done in the style of "My Fair Lady,"  and not all that bad.  The production starred the always riveting Fritz Weaver and ran for 311 performance.  Later in the 80s famed songwriter Leslie Bricusse created Sherlock Holmes: The Musical. 

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