Monday, October 31, 2016

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Welcome To The Comx Box Halloween Spectacular!
Who Better To Lead Things Off
Than Mr. Poe by Alan Gilbert.

From "Axe Murderer" Alan Gilbert

An "Evil Kitties" by Alan Gilbert

From James "The Slasher" Lasher

From "Spooky" Salpino

From "Stabbin" Stoker & Ponshock-er

From Jim "Killem'" Shoenbill

From Tom "The Terrible" Esposito

From Alan "Ghoulardi" Gilbert

From Sean "Barbarous" Boley

From Jordan "Savage" Smith

From "Diabolic" Doug Sanders

From Steve "Mad" McGinn

From Mike "Wicked" Wilke

(I couldn't find an appropriate adjective that started with a "Z")

From Lindsay "Horror" Heim

 -From Halloweens Past- 
 -Alan Gilbert / "Window Evil Kitties"

 -From "Scary" Salpino 

From "Devilish" Dave McHattie

 From "Pernicious" Paul White

From Alan "Ghoulish" Gilbert

From "Pestilent" Paul White

From Terry "Foul" Flippo

 From "Sinister" Steve McGinn 

  -From "Sinful" Sean Boley 

  -From "Ruthless" Ron Warren /
 Featuring "Shark Bait" Simon

 From Lindsay "Heinous" Heim

From James "The Slasher" Lasher

From Rene "RIP" Lopez

From Alan "Grim Reaper" Gilbert

From Brian "Poltergeist" Ponshock-er

From Alan "Grave Robber" Gilbert

From Walt "Walker" Beringson

From "Gravestone" Gatesfield

Watery Grave

Night birds shriek---
as if waking from hellish dreams.
Their haunting echoes migrating 
across the cold rippling darkness.

Gaunt man skims across 
black waves that are liquid shadow,
thick as Transylvanian soil.

light up the night 
like twin stars born of hell
as he makes his way through this 
labyrinth of ocean, searching 
for his bloody nectar,
till he is chastised by the flickering golden threat 
of a lethal dawn which ends tonight’s quest
for the only drink that will soothe
his eternally parched throat.

And slowly 
as the chill in the air is burned away,
as light drinks shadow 
and waves begin to reflect the pulse 
of a new day,

predator of this gothic sea, 
returns to the comforts of his 
old world casket,
which lies buried beneath 
these solemn gravestone waves:

lost a hundred and twenty seven years ago
on a luxury liner’s tragic voyage 
from dark, dying Europe
with its talk of vampires 
and werewolves
and demons of the night,

this mysteriously sunken vessel 
the authorities never could explain, 
and the corpses,
blood drained from them
so completely.

Mere whispers, 
all that have ever found their way 
to shore, carried by the syncopations 
of lapping anonymous waves.

And now each evening he patrols 
these ominous waters seeking 
refugees not unlike himself, 
whom he might feed upon,
for they will not be missed
by this country that welcomes 
the world’s huddled masses.

No, they will be convinced 
to accept his hospitality
as well they should, 

in this, 
the palace 
of his beautiful 

watery grave.

From Don "Devil Dog" Anderson

From Alan "Ghoulardi" Gilbert

From "Vicious" Villena & "Twisted" Tomaselli

From Brian Ponshock-er


...And Here Are a Few More Tricks & Treats
From Alan "Ghoul" Gilbert

And a Few More From Zoa